Ben Lister

Product Designer and Developer.

I am a product designer and creative leader focused on building, scaling and writing about design systems. Currently, I am a Staff Product Designer at Sprout Social and lead a team of product designers and developers who build, maintain, and evolve Sprout's design system, Seeds.

I first got hooked on designing on the web in the late 90s when I built a Nirvana fan website as a hobby. The site would eventually grew to become one of the most popular Nirvana fan sites on the web around 2000. After countless <frameset>s, Flash intros and guestbook signatures, I was ready to move on. By the time I sold the site in 2002, I had learned many of the building blocks of the web and realized I had discovered my passion. After college, I moved to Chicago where I have worked in many roles in the designer and developer spectrum on projects ranging from implementing modern web standards and creating templates for hundreds of radio stations to building interfaces for clients like Ford Motor Company, City University of New York, The University of Miami and Hyatt. I joined Sprout Social in 2010 as the first design hire. Since then, I’ve spent my time developing my skills as a designer, developer and leader as the company has grown from fewer than 10 employees to 500+ across the world. Visit my Portfolio to learn more.

I like spending my time cooking overly ambitious food, traveling, chatting about design, enjoying and collecting craft beer, watching the Chicago White Sox and sometimes attempting to drive really fast cars or running. I live with my wife Erin and our Whippet Devo, who can run faster and sleep longer than you.

Looking for the place to deposit my recently departed Nigerian uncle’s secret fortune?