Ben Lister

Product Design and Front-End Development.

Greetings from Chicago! I’m Ben Lister and I design and build websites. Illinoise

In 2010, I joined Sprout Social as the first design hire. Since then, I’ve spent my time designing, coding and prototyping new concepts as the company has grown from less than 10 employees to over 400 with over 19,000 customers across the globe.

I got my start as a teenager in the late ’90s working as a freelance designer creating websites for local businesses and agencies in suburban Michigan. After college, I moved to Chicago where I worked in many roles in the designer and developer spectrum on projects ranging from implementing modern best practices and building templates for hundreds of radio stations across North America to building interfaces for clients like Ford Motor Company, City University of New York, The University of Miami, Rush University Medical Center and Hyatt.

When I need a break from the mesmerizing glow of the Retina display, I like spending my time cooking overly ambitious food, running across state lines, mentoring designers, speaking, drinking fancy beers, watching the Chicago White Sox (yeah, I know) or driving really fast cars on a race track. I also have a Whippet named Devo who can definitely run faster and sleep longer than your dog and an amazing accountant human embodiment of Google Maps wife named Erin.

Ben Lister

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